1. Your User ID (obtained from branch incase of new user)
  2. Your login password and
  3. Your transaction password.

  1. Minimum of 8 characters and maximum of 16 characters.
  2. At least one numeric, one upper case alphabet and one special character (space not permitted)
  1. Account Summary: Account Summary Screen where all your accounts which are “Linked to Particular CIF” are displayed along with the current balance. By clicking an account, you can see the account detail which includes total balance, unclear balance, available balance etc.
  2. Transactions:You can view, print and download the last 400 transactions or transactions for the specified period of the selected account.
  1. Deposit Account Opening:  You can request for deposit opening by selecting the account from which the amount is to be debited and by giving the deposit details.
  2. Closure of Deposit Account: You can request for closure of deposit account by giving the repayment details.
  3. Demand Draft Issue: You can request for issue of Demand Draft by giving the details of Draft and delivery options.
  4. Account Statement: You can request for account statement by selecting account, period of statement and delivery options.
  5. Cheque Book Issue: You can request for issue of cheque book in selected account and delivery options.
  6. Funds Transfer Facility: You can request for Funds Transfer Facility (Transaction) in an account by selecting account.
  7. Account Transfer:You can request for transfer of your account from one branch to another branch (the types of account eligible for transfer may be decided by the Bank).
  8. Request Status Enquiry:You can view the status of a request already submitted by giving request Id or date range or request status. The present status of the request is displayed (Processed/Pending/ Rejected).
  1. Stop Payment: You can stop a single cheque or range of cheques in selected account by giving the reason.
  2. Revoke Stop Payment:You can revoke stop payment on cheques already stopped.
  1. Own Accounts: You can transfer funds from one account (for which you have requested transaction facility) to your other account to the extent of fund transfer limit fixed by the bank time to time by selecting ‘from’ & ‘to’ accounts.
  2. Beneficiary Accounts:You can transfer fund from your account to any other third party account maintained with any of our CBS Branches to the extent of fund transfer limit fixed by the bank time to time by selecting your account and giving either third party’s account number or selecting a beneficiary.
  3. Add Beneficiary:To transfer amount to third party accounts, you have to add that account in your beneficiary list by providing a nick name to the account.
  4. View Beneficiary:You can view all the beneficiaries you have added and modify details of a beneficiary by selecting that beneficiary.
  1. Registration: You can register by selecting major and minor heads of the tax to be paid.
  2. Pay Taxes:You can pay the tax for the major and minor heads you want (already registered) by entering amount and selecting debit account.
  3. Duplicate Receipt:You can print duplicate receipt of already paid taxes.
  1. Cheque Enquiry: : You can enquire status of a cheque or range of cheques issued in an account.
  2. Cheque Book Enquiry:You can enquire for cheque books issued in an account.
  3. Outward Cheques Enquiry:You can enquire status of a specific cheque or all cheques deposited in an account.
  4. TDS Detail:You can view the TDS Details in your account.
  1. Contact Details: You can view your contact details.
  2. Change Login Password:You can change your logon password.
  3. Change Transaction Password: You can change your transaction password.
  4. Change User Preference:
       You can change your User–Id. Please note that you can change it only once.
      You can set your display preference
  5. Login History You can view your login history..
  1. By submitting a written request to your branch
  2. Through Online request from the Internet Banking website by clicking on “Forgot Password” link on Login screen under Personnel Banking. After submitting the required details, a reference no. will be generated, which you may please note down for future reference.