1. Your User ID (obtained from branch incase of new user)
  2. Your login password and
  3. Your transaction password.

  1. Minimum of 8 characters and maximum of 16 characters.
    This menu helps you viewing of information required about your accounts. Summary of all the accounts, Account statements for specified perion etc can be availed from this menu. Other services like Aadhar linking, Cheque Book request etc are also availabe from this menu
    This menu has services with which you can transfer funds to other accounts
  1. BENEFICIARY MANAGEMENT: Allows you to add beneficiary accounts- to whom you can transfer funds through Internet Banking
  2. FUND TRANSFER within bank:To transfer to Allahabad Bank beneficiaries
  3. FUND TRANSFER other bank:To transfer to Non Allahabad Bank beneficiaries via NEFT/RTGS transfer.
  4. IMPS:IMPS enabled you to transfer to other Bank accounts round the clock 24x7
  5. Scheduled Payment Enquiry: To enquire/cancel transactions scheduled to future dates
  6. NEFT/RTGS Enquiry: To enquire status of NEFT /RTGS transactions
  7. Mobile Banking Registration: Regsiter for Mobile Banking services
  1. ACCOUNT OPENING: You can open RD/FD online without visiting Branch.
  2. ACCOUNT CLOSURE: You can close accounts opened through Internet Banking without visiting Branch.
  3. PPF: Download Applcation form for opening PPF account.
  1. Standing Instructions: You can set instruction to transfer amount automatically on a fixed date for a specific period
  2. Cheque stop/revoke: You can set instruction to branch to stop payment on a cheque number. You can revoke the STOP INSTRUCTION also
  1. PAY TAX: Pay Tax option is available for Maharashtra State Tax payment. For other state taxes, please visit state government tax portal and select Allahabad Bank under Internet Banking section when prompted to select payment option.
  2. Duplicate receipt: Option to download duplicate receipt for successful Tax payments
  3. VIEW TAX CREDIT: Form 26AS Tax credit Information
  4. E Filing: Direct login to E Filing portal
  1. ATM PIN GENERATION: Generate ATM PIN without visiting Branch
  2. ATMCARD BLOCKING:ATM CARD lost..? Block the same so that no transaction can be done to avoid financial loss
  1. Login Password change: : To change Login password, any time. Please change your login password atleat once in every 90 days
  2. Transaction Password change:To change Transaction password, any time. Please change your Transaction password atleat once in every 90 days
  3. Transaction Password generation:Forgot Transaction password or the same got Blocked ? You can generate new transaction password of your own through this menu .
Check status of online Payments
  1. FEEDBACK: Kindly provide your valuble feedback and suggestions for enabling us to serve you better.
  2. Contact details:Your address and contact as recorded in Bank records. Contact branch incase any updation is required.
  3. User Preferences: Change the colour and appearace of Internet Banking portal as you like
  4. Login History:To verify your login history
  1. MAIL BOX: You can directly communicate with the Internet Banking Administrator for issues related to Internet Banking service.
  2. GRID Registration:Registration of GRID cards as preferred second factor authentication.
  3. Digigtal Certificate Registration: Additional Security using Digital Certifiate
  1. Login Password : Online request from the Internet Banking website by clicking on “Forgot Password” link on Login screen under Personnel Banking.
  2. Transaction Password : Login to Internet Banking Portal, Use TRANSACTION PASSWORD GENERATION option under PASSWORD MANAGEMENT menu